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Treat CO Victims as Effectively as Hyperbaric Oxygen, at Point of Care, without Delay.


Portable with No Electricity Required

  • The compact and portable ClearMate™ (only 6.2kg) requires no electricity to operate.

Every Second Counts with Easy Set Up

  • ClearMate™ will provide early and effective treatment for CO poisoning, administered right in the hospital emergency room.
  • ClearMate™ is easy to set up and use, requiring minimal training to provide life-saving treatment.

Use Anytime/Anywhere

  • ClearMate™can be used at the convenience of the care provider (no hyperbaric chamber required)

Effective and Easy Treatment

  • Treatment that is as fast as a hyperbaric chamber,  ClearMate™ is suitable for patients that are spontaneously breathing and those requiring manually-assisted ventilation.


  • ClearMate™ is completely pneumatic, operating without electricity, batteries or computers.

Immediate/Fast Treatment

  • ClearMate™ eliminates CO 9x faster than breathing atmospheric air. ClearMate™ eliminates CO 3x faster than treatment with 100% O2.
ClearMate™ CO washout time graph
Graph: Carbon Monoxide Washout Time. Click for larger view.

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