Gas Control System


Controls Blood Gases Non-invasively to Stimulate Vascular Reactivity.

Cited in 150+ Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals

Used by 50+ elite research institutions globally contributing to 2/3 of all RespirAct® RA-MR™ cited publications.

RespirAct® RA-MR™ System Overview

Select Research Institutions

University Health Network
University of Toronto
The Hospital for Sick Children
Duke University
Univeristy of Zurich
Purdue University
Samsung Medical Centre
Medical College of Wisconsin
University of Manitoba
University of Delaware
Concordia University
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
University of Exeter
Mayo Clinic
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Max Planck Society
University of British Columbia
Louisiana State University
University Medical Center Utrecht
Queen’s University
St. Joseph’s Health Care London
University of Calgary
Northwestern University
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The University of Texas at Dallas
University of Pennsylvania
Johns Hopkins University
British Columbia Children’s Hospital
Cardiff University
St. Michael’s Hospital
Wake Forest University
Western University
Robarts Research Institute
Ottawa Heart Institute
Washington University, St. Louis
University of California Davis
University of Wisconsin

Important Note

The RespirAct® RA-MR™ has not been evaluated by the FDA and is distributed by Thornhill Medical to collaborators for use in IRB approved basic physiological research studies. The RespirAct® RA-MR™ system is not intended to be used in the diagnosis or treatment of disease and is not intended to be used in studies that evaluate its safety or efficacy. More details can be found on the RespirAct® RA-MR™ Forum.

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