Gas Control System


Independent control of blood gases
  • Targeting of PCO2 and PO2 is independent of each other
  • Range of PCO2 targeting: 25 – 70 mmHg
  • Range of PO2 targeting: 70 – 700 mmHg*. PO2 as low as 40mmHg can be achieved if required
RespirAct® gas monitor chart
Test chart. Independent and simultaneous control of PCO2 and PO2. Click for larger view.

Choose from multiple blood gas targeting patterns that are built-in:

  • Box car
  • Continuous Ramp
  • Sinusoidal
  • Combination of above
  • Accuracy within 2 mmHg of target for PCO2
  • Transitions in PCO2 and PO2 can often be achieved in 1-3 breathes, under many circumstances within 1 breath

Required Gases
The following gas mixtures are required:

  • Gas A: 10% O2, 90% N2
  • Gas B: 10% O2, 90% CO2
  • Gas C: 100% O2
  • Calibration Gas: 10% O2, 9% CO2, 81% N2

We suggest that you order K size cylinders for Gas A, B and C and a E size cylinder for Calibration gas. If the “wall Oxygen” is available, it can replace the Gas C. Secure cylinders as per your local regulations.

Important Note

The RespirAct® RA-MR™ has not been evaluated by the FDA and is distributed by Thornhill Medical to collaborators for use in IRB approved basic physiological research studies. The RespirAct® RA-MR™ system is not intended to be used in the diagnosis or treatment of disease and is not intended to be used in studies that evaluate its safety or efficacy. More details can be found on the RespirAct® RA-MR™ Forum.

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